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Vacations IBE

Informacje ogólne Konfiguracja Podłączenie PL Przykłady podłączeń Zamów Ceny
Implementation on the website
IFRAME: search engine in a frame.

Agents who have their websites in a standard way (not RWD) and want to easily and quickly (losing some functionality though) place the search engine on the website, may use the popular frame, e.g.:

<iframe width="780" height="1260" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

In the URL space, place the one generated in the Administration Panel with 'iFrame link' option. Additionally, set the width and height of the frame – adjusted to the needs.
GATE: Search engine implemented on your website – good-looking and professional!

On your website, you implement scripts which tke the search engine from our servers and implement it as a document content (integrated element of your website). Apart from search engine, the additional widgets are available, e.g. promotional box which can be place anywhere on the website. A single activation fee is only 100 PLN/net. The price includes necessary files and a simple demo site with available widgets.
1. Upload file on the server

Before the installation, please upload files .htaccess and rwdgate.php located in the installation package. Other files from the package are additional and are only the demonstration of the installation. Server configuration file (.htacess) has to be installed on the main folder of the project (the index.php file will be located there as well)), rwdgate.php file may be uploaded in any location but make sure to set the correct path during implementation of the library (see point 2).

2. Library implementation (in the constructor, provide affilliate identificator which can be found on the administration bar in the VacationsCMS panel):

require_once 'rwdGate.php';
$rwdgate = new rwdGate('3987123456');

3. Widget implementation (using id):

<?php $widgets = array(lista_id); ?>


=  array(21203102120315212032021203302138306);

Widget Id can be found in the VacationsCMS administration panel after selecting preview ID option (top menu of the panel, black bar - Configuration).

4. Addition of the code required to access Javascript/CSS resources using client's server. Any test/HTML content cannot be sent to a browser prior to requesting the code.

if ($rwdgate->isRawResult())

5. Header implementation in the head section:

<?php echo $rwdgate->getSection('HEAD'); ?>

6. Implementation of parts:

Any iteration method can be used, either by elements or element id (sample):

    if (
in_array('2120310'$list ))

Notice: it is necessary to implement BODY element, which is responsible for further steps of search process (results, details, booking and confirmation).

<?php $rwdgate->getSection('BODY'); ?>

If you want to show some elements on the main site but not on the other subpages, use the following condition:

if (in_array('BODY'$list ))
'elementy strony głównej';    

7. Footer implementation (after implementation of every other element/widget)

<?php $rwdgate->getSection('FOOTER'); ?>

8. Offer cart

Display of the amount of offers added to the cart (information displayed in any place on the website):

<a href="#" class="btn-cart text text-color-16 text-hover-18">
    <span class="yourCart">Schowek ofert:
    <span class="countCart">
        if( sessionStorage.getItem('EasyCart'))
            if (document.readyState == 'complete' || document.readyState =='interactive' || document.readyState == 'loaded')
                $('countCart').html(JSON.parse( sessionStorage.getItem('EasyCart')).length);
                document.write(JSON.parse( sessionStorage.getItem('EasyCart')).length);
            if (document.readyState == 'complete' || document.readyState == 'interactive' || document.readyState == 'loaded')

Display of the open cart with offers as a new layer. Needs to be implemented just before the BODY element.

<?php echo '<main></main>'?>

9. Autosearch

Quicksearch field.

Add autosearch to a list of received elements:

=  array(21203102120315212032021203302138306,'quicksearch');

Display search field in the chosen location:

<?php   echo $rwdgate->getSection('quicksearch'); ?>

Available widgets:

Widget type price
Search engine (IBE) w cenie
Horizontal offer boxprice included
Vertical offer boxprice included
Vertical offer box with custom textprice included
Promobox sliderprice included
Offer Cartprice included
Offer barw cenie (in preparation)
Newsletterprice included (in preparation)
E-guideprice included (in preparation)
Expertsprice included (in preparation)
Weather module 10 zł/netto (in preparation)
Provider barprice included
Subscriptionprice included (in preparation)
Text moduleprice included (in preparation)
Autosearchprice included
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